Yoga is for Skinny, Flexible People?

Can any-body really do yoga?

Well yes! Any-body, any-shape, yoga is for every-body!

If you had told me just 6 short years ago I would be guiding yoga classes I would have thought you were already using cannabis!

I struggled for years in regular vinyasa classes bringing my own props and figuring out how they could help me. I was always behind and constantly injured. Why did I keep going? I loved yoga and I loved the community that it gave me.

One day I went to a Yin class at Kripalu and my world opened up! That sort of practice was just not offered in our fast-paced society. I loved it and decided more people like myself would benefit with a practice like this. We rush all day, why rush our yoga?

Monday nights practice is a natural free-flowing form of yoga that is so beneficial for the mind & body.

Lots of props are used to enhance your practice, blocks, blankets, cushions. Bring your own or let me know to bring extras. Changing the mind-set around props is key to yoga. Props are not short-comings, they are enhancements to getting and being the pose.

Taking the time to set-up, listen to your body and enjoy.

Please let your friends know about these valuable practices and the

community offered.

Thank you and Namaste,


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