I absolutely love the Chakra bracelet that Jennifer designed and created for me. The theme of friendship is very clear in the choice of stones and the extra bling that was added just for me! I really wanted the lotus flower charm on my bracelet and the added bonus of being able to easily remove it with the extra clip is very handy. The unique quality of each piece truly reflects the time and care that Jennifer puts into her creations.

Thanks so much! 

Namaste, Lori


I absolutely love wearing my 7 Chakras bracelet!  It is so beautiful and inspires me to live a mindful life.  I smile each time it catches my eye!

Annette, Woodstock


I'm an avid collector of one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that also have health benefits.  Colour, texture, quality, uniqueness and purpose is what I look for.  When I discovered -Yoga Genie in a Box bracelets, I was immediately drawn to Jen's styles and designs.  Speaking with Jen, she showed me how to get the most health benefits and purpose from the bracelets and it works for me, I wear mine everyday,  I also love the compliments I receive on these bracelets and I when I explain to my friends what the bracelets actually do, they're impressed and immediately want one too!  Thank you Jen, I look forward to adding to my collections.

Anais, Costa Rica


“Love and care is infused every product Jen creates.  Looking for a one-of-a-kind bracelet for healing, opening chakras or just because, don't look any further.  Jen has customized bracelets for specific intentions as well. 

I love them!”

— Angela, Yoga Instructor